Music Lessons

Music plays an essential role in everyone’s life; why not enrich yours by learning to play a musical instrument? I teach guitar, piano, ukulele and vocal lessons and have a vast knowledge of musical performance with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from Villa Maria College. Ask me more about my musical background and I will be more than happy to fill you in!

LESSON GUILDLINES: You can either pay by lesson or a month in advance to secure your lesson time.  No lessons will be taught prior to payment.  The lesson prices are as follows;

At my studio: $25 per half hour

                       $40 per hour 

Please be aware that lesson costs are less than what music schools and music stores charge because I teach from my own studio and avoid paying studio fees, therefore it is more affordable for the student as well.

Another benefit the student will receive is the option to perform at places like the Hard Rock Café and other events! It is such an awesome experience to perform in front of a crowd!

I recommend hour lessons each week for students over the age of 12 because they can learn more, ask more questions and we can accomplish a lot more overall in that time frame.

STUDENTS EXPECTATIONS: Lessons are weekly, if you need to reschedule a lesson because of vacation or other conflicting events I ask that the lesson be made up and kept as regularly scheduled as possible. This will benefit the student and ensure the most progress by maintaining a set practice regiment.  The student should practice 4 to 5 times a week for 20 minutes and be prepared for lessons.  It is much better to practice in smaller increments multiple times a week than once a week for a couple of hours. 


MISSED & RESCHEDULED LESSONS:  If you miss a lesson due to sickness, family situations, or other circumstances I ask that you contact me by phone 24 hours prior to the lesson. My number is (716) 986-1730.  If you have an emergency and need to cancel the day of the lesson I ask that you contact me at least 5 hours prior to the lesson. If you fail to contact me before your lesson time I will not make up the lesson and you will be charged the regular amount.  I am lenient about doing makeup lessons, I just ask that you call or text me beforehand. If I have to cancel a lesson I will schedule a makeup lesson at your convenience.